How to install your fins on Starboard SUP composite boards.

This video explains how to install a Starboard fin for any composite (hard) board in the Starboard range.

Items needed:

• Starboard Hexcel Center Fin
• Starboard Side fin
• Screwdriver
• Fin Screw
• Screw and Nut

Fin Installation instruction:

1. Start by having the screw, nut and Starboard center fin ready. Place the square nut into the center of the fin box. Slide the nut to the front of the box using the screwdriver.
2. Now insert the center fin into the fin box with the pins side in first. Slide the fin to the back of the box so it is firmly in position.
3. Place the screw into the fin and once aligned with the nut, tighten the screw.
4. Place the pin side of the fin into the fin box. Slide the rest of the fin into the box and then insert the screw so that is aligned with the nut and then fasten with the screwdriver.
5. Place the side fin into the side box with the flat side facing inwards.
6. Then start to tighten with the fin key, making sure both screws are tight.
7. Repeat then same process for the other side fin.

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