Gaetan Séné on the first stage of Starboard Sup Race Tour 2012 in La Réunion

Every year on La Réunion Island, Denis Rey hosts International riders for his annual Starboard SUP Race Tour. This year was no different and as the Headline Racer, Gaetan Séné , Starboard’s Top French Racer, tells us in his own words (English Translation) his experience on La Reunion. The full article can be found here in GetUp SUP Magazine:

With the invitation of Denis Rey, Starboard distributor from La Réunion, Gaetan Séné flew to the volcanic island for one week. Story of his trip:

“ My week in La Réunion ends today with a majestic ballet of several whales. I have difficulties believing in what I observe, a splendid show with the mother and her small who circles at her sides, the long minutes to follow the fins dorsal, all this brush bewitches me. The two beautiful let our Stand Up Paddle approach before disappearing in the abyssal depths. I scan the horizons and the blue crystal of the ocean, a large black spot appears under our boards and the show starts again. I would almost forget to speak about my arrival here in La Réunion, because these few hours before my departure are the image of the race and the previous days.
As soon as I arrive, I see a small group of SUP on the turquoise water of the Lagoon. At the time of my first blows of oar, the beauty of the coral funds subjugates me. The splendid multicolored fish mix with the various colors of coral, which ravel under my board. The SUP definitively offers an extraordinary and respectful vision of the environment. My apprehension, increased by the morose news of the last months, is very quickly dissipated. I am training many hours with the local sup racers. They already have very good levels for this discipline, which emerge here. The passion is real and the competition of yesterday, the first stage of Starboard Sup Race confirms it. In spite of many bounces and difficulties to organize this event, Denis Rey clings and believes in it. He is right since this race in the port of St Gilles is ideal to give back confidence in the water sports.
It was for me a very beautiful race, between the traditional fishing boat, the shows, the tourist encouragement and especially all the participants, about thirty. I took a lot of pleasures to mix with all of them. Each participant carried out this race with his own pace. My competitive spirit was always present to exceed me and take down a new victory. There is no doubt that the general level will quickly progress with such a favorable playing field. Cheer with all, participants, volunteers, sponsors, organizers and thank you for your very warm welcome. ”
Gaétan Séné.

Photos taken by Laurent Capmas and courtesy of La Reunion 2012 SUP Race Tour