From a Starboard Dealers Perspective…

Warren Currie, a Starboard Dealer and owner of Easy Rider Store in Edmonton, Canada, attended the Starboard International Dealers meeting in Costa Brava, Spain on the beautiful and well renowned camp site of La Ballena Alegre. Warren, who was a driving force behind the development and production of Starboard’s Touring Board was asked to speak to the group on the progress he has made in the SUP industry, the growth of the sport in Canada, and where he sees the sport going in the future. With only a 4 month season, Warren is one of Starboards top dealers for SUP board sales in the world.

With a full range of 2013 boards available, Warren took advantage and tested as many as he could in 3 days (upwards of 45). A recap of his time in Spain and many pictures of the new Starboard SUP boards can be found here:, as well you can have a look into Warren Currie’s Easy Rider Store. If you’re in Canada, be sure to stop by and speak to Warren.