Starboard’s Zane Schweitzer Wins Bilbao, Spain

After spending the last week in Tahiti on a Starboard Sponsored photo shoot, Zane Schweitzer narrowly made the first leg of the European Cup Tour in Bilbao, Spain! He did make it, but without boards, paddles and his suitcase. Thanks to France’s Team Manager Pascal Lefebvre, who lent Zane his 2013 Sprint, all was not lost and Zane went on to win the long distance and the overall event.

Zane wasn’t the only Starboard rider to perform well in the Stand Up World Series event, his teammates, Titouan Puyo (FR), finished 4th overall, Leonard Nika (IT) 5th, and the rest of the top 10 found four more Starboard riders.

Overall Results Top 10
1st: Zane Schweitzer (3rd/1st)
2nd: Casper Steinfath (1st/6th)
3rd: Jake Jensen (6th/2nd)
4th: Titouan Puyo (5th/3rd)
5th: Leonard Nika (4th/5th)
6th: Paul Jackson (2nd/8th)
7th: Gaetene Sene (8th/4th)
8th: Eric Terrien (9th/7th)
8th: Beau O’Brian (7th/9th)
10th: Roman Frejo (10th/11th)
10th: Dylan Frick (11th/10th)

A great showing by Starboard! More images and results can be found here: and here:

Be sure to check back from a recap by Zane, as it’s sure to be colorful!

picture credit: Waterman League