Finn Mullen Provides Review on 7’8” x 32” WidePoint

I’ve had my 2013 7’8 x 32” out a few times now and can’t stop smiling about it – for sure there’s looser narrower boards but for fun and fun waves this board is hard to beat.

I used to have the old 7’4 x 32” which was also good fun, but I found was more for onshore waves. The new 7’8 is much more allround and can be used in clean waves as well. I’m 85kgs and the board has plenty of float for me, is super stable and paddle in / glide speed is really good so getting waves is a doddle.

The nose shape works really well, both riding and going out through whitewater and getting up front for a bit of teasing the toes to the nose is very easy even for a self confessed no soul skills shortboarder like me – I might even get both feet there one day:)

I’ve always been 50/50 on quads and like the option to fit a thruster but the quad setup suits this board perfectly and haven’t ever felt the need to experiment with a thruster set up – maybe a play with just some smaller quad fins than the standard set up. Overall super happy, 7’8 x 32” WidePoint is my new best friend, for busting super loose in the pocket, the narrower boards are the ticket, but for catching waves and having fun in fun sized surf the 7’8 does the job for me.

~Finn Mullen
Starboard Team Rider