Differences in Prize Money for Men and Women: A Discussion with Iballa Moreno

Thanks to StandUpLatino.com for printing and to Starboard’s Iballa Moreno for speaking out on this often ‘pushed under the carpet’ and controversial subject between the differences in prize money allotted for men vs. women in SUP, Surfing and Windsurfing. Iballa, Winner of the SYLT Windsurfing Championship, Winner of the Spain National SUP Surf Championship and Second place finisher in the men’s division at Somo Spain this year, knows first hand the need for further exploration of this subject.

You can find the entire article in Spanish here: http://www.standuplatino.com/2012/10/prize-money-hombres-y-mujeres-la.html

Thank you Iballa for speaking up on this issue and as more women around the globe are competing and at times beating men in racing (Annabel Anderson at Oleron 2012) and SUP surfing… No doubt they will greatly benefit from more discussions like these.

The Article translated by Google here:

Iballa Moreno is our first female columnist, and who better to give a space to speak out female Latino SUP?

Real World Windsurfing legend, who was crowned world champion again this year (along with her sister have won world titles all windsurfing in waves since 1999!), Iballa has broken through her talent and style to Stand Up paddle as well. You just won the championship of Spain Somo SUP surfing, and admittedly … men fear to compete.

Ambassador and unmatched in women’s sports, Iballa shares her tremendous experience and way of seeing things here in StandUpLatino column.

Her first note reflects on the difference in prize money between masculine and feminine competition of the same sports as it is in windsurfing, surfing and SUP.

Should women be Paid the same prize money as men?
The sport was invented by and for men as a means of transmission of certain values (competence, aggressiveness, etc.) and as their physical development. For this, women had to overcome barriers created by social and cultural stereotypes. Having struggled (and indeed still fighting) against time and tide type ideas: women are inferior to men in sports, have less strength, their bodies are less masculine with sport, have no interest in the sport, some sports are appropriate for them and others are not … etc …

Even today, where women’s rights are fully recognized (although not applied) and which have passed laws that regulate and facilitate the practice of physical activity among females, the percentage of women who play sports, remains significantly lower than that of men. Yet it should be noted, that gradually, and differences are reduced by eliminating obstacles that prevent women from having total freedom in sports. The SUP is an example, female participation in the sport is not only significant, but in addition has increased remarkably in recent years.
I come from a sport in which I have to hear sexist comments almost daily. And lately the discussion focuses on finding Stand Up World Tour La Torche (in France) … or “Watermen league” as its name suggests … solutions to remain competitive despite the crisis. When the proposal raised more heard a solution to this crisis as: “should lower the prize money to women or even eliminate the women in some world.” Currently women in windsurfing are 15,000 Euros in prize money while the men 35,000 Euros.

Therefore the question of whether we should receive the same prize money as men, the answer is: Absolutely!!

1.-We live in a society in which men and women are equal in rights and obligations, therefore, contribute economically and socially, likewise, must receive the same opportunities and / or awards.
2.-Why should encourage women in sports, in order to reach the same levels of participation than men’s. As we know, the incorporation of women sporting life was rather late, as it was felt that sport was a “guy thing”, where the ban on women was evident.
3.-Because we participate with the same rules and the same conditions (waves, wind …).

Some of the arguments used by those who defend the idea that man receives highest award for women are:
1. – In the competition for men’s greater number of competitors, so it costs more to get to be among the first.
2. – They have more level than women.
3. – receive more support from sponsors because more “sold” than women.
4. -Men give greater spectacle.
Etc, etc. ..

And I, Given all this, I ask:
1. – How will we get the same level of participation that they, if not equally help us (awards, material, sponsorship)?
2. – How can we overcome the level, if we can not afford to devote exclusively to train and participate in competitions? Because of this lack of support.
3. – How can we sell more, if we have the opportunity to participate in many competitions, promotions, open … (generators and promotion news)? Because of this lack of support.
4. – How can we give more entertainment, if not much evidence as we have them? Because of this lack of support. Etc, etc …

The effect produced continuously “catch 22” or “the cat that bites its tail”
We’ve come a long way but there are many barriers to overcome …

I’ll take two phrases that encourage us to keep working, and warn us that we are on the right track:

“The courts, including the (tournaments) Grand Slam, is aligned with our modern and progressive society when it comes to the principle of equality.” (WTA)

“Be the change you hope to the world” (Ghandi).

Photos and Article credit: StandUpLatino.com