Introducing the Design Crew at Starboard SUP



The days where SUP were blown up Surfboards are over.
Extrapolation did work for some years, but unlike the wheel, paddle
boarding needed to be reinvented.
Not an easy task for sure, but a great journey together with my teammates,
forgetting all we thought we knew about SUP and challenging ourselves
and every hydrodynamic laws to create a line of boards that stand away
from the crowd in concept, appearance and performance.
Conventional design is all about choices and dilemma. Choices between
fast and stable, control or speed etc…
Too many compromises that we did not want… by breaking the rules we
were able to marry speed and stability, control and glide...
By exploring our line, you will see some totally new concepts of design
from Nut negative outline surfboard’s, a triple concave with deep
channel All Star that excels in any condition, hard chines bottom ultra
short Hyper Nut that turns on a dime, incredibly fast yet super stable
Fishing boards, the high cardio workout in blasting fun SUP Polo, to a
new range of river boards.
016 is by far the biggest leap we have made forward in 1 year.
Mathieu Rauzier
R&D Manager


This cycle of development at Starboard has maintained the frenetic pace that
has always been a part of the Starboard philosophy, constant development.
Attention to the finest details where one change affects another, with
millimeter differences having dramatic effect.
From fin size, rocker, tuck lines, volume, and rail shape, all factoring to combine
and complement each other. It’s not rocket science, but it’s all about feeling.
So when you pull the board out of the box, there’s nothing left to think about,
except pure enjoyment.
Thinking outside the box, the Nut continues to win fans the world over. Once
they ride the unique shape and get over their preconceptions of how a
surfboard should look, the doors of perception are opened.
There’s great satisfaction when I read reports, or see it first hand like on our
last trip to Indonesia. We gave the 9’5 Nut to Marcos, which he agreed to test
with a reluctant look in his eye. The transformation from his first wave was
instant, he couldn’t stop frothing and just had to have one.
The Hyper Nuts evolution was also interesting. Were we just to follow what
everybody else was doing, or follow our own development process?
Watching Zane ride his first wave had my jaw agape and happy we stuck to
our guns. Everything incorporated into the design is there for a reason and I
witnessed some of the fastest cutties I’ve ever seen. Very satisfying.
I still feel blessed to be so passionately involved in the development of a sport
which keeps me activated with the ocean, constantly moving and seeing the
stoke that people get from riding the designs.


Kuhn Nimit is our long standing man of great lines.
He works totally in tune with briefs and is able to bring ideas into reality
without messing about.
We have been working together in various constellation for some 20 years on
anything from fins, to paddles and boards .
Looking forward to seeing him engage with always more challenging projects.
Svein Rasmussen


2016 development has been a really exciting year.
Most of the components evolved into a better version of themselves.
Enormous amount of time has been spent on R&D and testing.
Team riders have never been more involved in the creation process.
The result, paddling is getting better for everyone, regardless if it’s your
first stroke, your first race or the battle for a new title.
The shaft range has been fully renewed to offer lighter and stronger
products. Flex has been refined and tailored between the different styles
and technologies to appeal and satisfy everyone. But not only are they
reliable and efficient, we also made them graphically pleasing, paying
attention to small details.
The Bolt is a game changer in the race world.
It’s innovating and unique power face shape makes it the most efficient
blade on the market, allowing our riders to push the limits of SUP and
breach new records.
I already said too much, go grab one and go paddle.
See you on the water!
Benoit Peignier
Paddle & accessories Manager


Wow! What a year this has been. No other time have we managed to get
so many products through the system so quickly and efficiently as we have
this year. I would like to say big thanks to the team as none of this would
be possible without total commitment from the Starboard Crews. One
thing that still remains very constant at Starboard is that the team spends
their time on the water, involved in developing and creating new products.
This passion for life on the water is transferred into every product we are
offering. I wish you will enjoy the ride for another year. As I will.


Tiki’s Wind
I am a Thai person who never knew the name “Starboard”, who never
knew the name “Taco” Lake before. What are those names? What do they
do? Is it really a place in Thailand? What is “SUP”?
I joined Starboard in March 2015 as a Brand Coordinator of SUP. Now I
know the name of a world class water sports brand. We are creating and
developing to bring the best product to market, to take us as far as we can
to enjoy in the water. We are here in Thailand at this awesome place, which
is so impressive, where we can work and suddenly start paddling.
Just Stand Up and Paddle. Enjoy with the wind and water.
“Maybe the Tiki’s wind brought me here”


Our office, workshop and lake is all within 10 meters making the distance from
idea to test minimal. Products and service always come first and paddling
comes in a close second. Congratulations to Tee for entering his first SUP race
this year, where he came in 3rd.


Within just under a year joining the Starboard team, I have been immersed
in sharing ideas for design, assisting development and working to market
all SUP products for 2016. Taking a lead in organizing test programs,
working closely with Mat on racing, Benoit with paddles and Scotty on
the Pro and Hyper Nut range, we have had a successful time proving and
refining winning designs.
We welcome recent newcomers Daniel Hasuylo (2015 NZ National
Champion) and Bruno Hasuylo (Winner 2015 State Beach Series NZ)
bringing their fitness and racing experience to grow a solid testing team.
From the flat-water at the Lake Taco HQ, to the choppy downwinders at
our test center in Pattaya, we plan tests for all aspects of every design.
Working with the world’s best dream team riders motivates you to push
yourself in technique and understanding the products capabilities. Paddling
closely with Connor Baxter, Bart De Zwart and Zane Schweitzer, we have
been able to listen, understand and communicate all feedback into refining
and updating designs to become faster than ever before.
Newcomer Albert Pijoan, shares his windsurfing experience and will be
assisting the development of all Inflatable boards. We hope you enjoy all
2016 products and look forward to continue to bring the leading products
to market.
Ollie O’Reilly
Product Manager