Astro Tandem Review by Distressed Mullet

Everything is more fun when you can share it. Check out this week’s product review of the Starboard Astro Tandem Inflatable.

Thanks to Distressed Mullet for giving this board a try…
It could make or break your relationship (kidding)

I paddled my first tandem board in Utah with Matt Lennert from Chicago. I was working through the 2014 Starboard race boards line when he said to hop on and try it. it takes practice. You have to paddle in sync. If you don’t, it’s herky jerky and for couples, it could be the end of your relationship. At first, I nicknamed it the “relationship killer.” I thought it might even be worse than a trip to Ikea. We went a hundred yards out and turned without falling in. I was uncomfortable. As we headed back, we got our rhythm and all of a sudden, it was fun. We caught a bump. It was a blast. Matt and I are still friends and I can see why the tandem division is growing.

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