A 12’6’’ Inflatable That Deranges Spain

Big surprise for Mathieu Rauzier, Design Manager for Starboard SUP! At home in Barcelona on ‘holiday’ (at his desk, no rest …), Mathieu participated in a local race (counting for the Championship of Catalonia) with an inflatable 12’6 Astro Touring. He achieved quite a performance that some of the locals did not see with a good eye; and he wasn’t accepted in the official rankings of the Elite Pro 12’6 category, as he was on an inflatable. This is the story of this day on June 30st.
Mathieu Rauzier is the design manager at Starboard SUP (you will read about him in detail in Get Up 7, coming soon), and the creator of the inflatable Touring/Race Boards Astro 12’6, 14 ‘and 16’. After participating in the SUP World Cup in Oléron (France), one of the hardest race of the Stand Up for World Series, he made the most of his time in Europe to benchmark his Astro Touring 12’6” on a race. In order to do this, he chose the Catalan Championship event on his local beach in Castelldefels (near Barcelona) that attracted most of the Spanish SUP legends such as Xavi Masdevall (Vice world champion sprint race in 2010 and Spanish Champion race in 2009 and 2010) or even Ramon Pastor (windsurfing champion Spain – Vice Champion in SUP Race in 2011). To the surprise of the other runners, Mathieu arrived with his backpack, unrolled his board, inflated to the pressure required (the full 20 PSI) before enrolling in both categories: Elite Pro 12’6 and Inflatable.
The Inflatable, All round and Race Elite Women did 2 laps of 2.5 km, totaling 5 km. The Elite Race 12’6” and 14′ did three laps, totaling 7.5 km. At the end of his second lap, which he completed in 31 minutes (more than 15 minutes before the second inflatable), Mathieu began and finished his 3rd lap at the same rhythm.

At the end of the day, he placed 4th in the scratch times of the 12’6” and 14′ categories and finished 3rd in the Elite Race 12’6”, leaving in the wake of his inflatable numerous epoxy and carbon race boards. Unfortunately for him, the race committee of the Catalan Circuit changed rules at the last moment and like magic removed him from the Elite Pro 12’6’’ category, only to discretely “hide” him in the category Inflatable. Indeed, William Doering (former eXXite Rider, Mathieu Rauzier’s brand before joining Starboard) took 3rd place in 12’6 although he arrived almost 3 minutes behind him. The reason, with a bit of bad faith, according to the race organizers: “This 12’6 is not certified by the ISA, it does not therefore fall in the overall ranking. ». Never mind, Mathieu will quickly certify his inflatable Astro Touring with the ISA to be sure it never happens again in the future.

Photo Credit © Getupsupmag.com

Scratch Standings
1 Pastor Ramon 0:42:36 12.6 Elite Race
2 Xavi Masdevall 0:42:51 Elite Race 14
3 Borja Basso 0:45:37 12.6 Elite Race
4 Mathieu Rauzier 0:45:58 12’6 Inflatable
5 Jaume Huguet 0:46:47 Elite Race 14

Ranking 12’6
1 Pastor Ramon 0:42:36 12.6 Elite Race
Borja Basso 2 0:45:37 12.6 Elite Race
3 William Doering 0:49:36 12.6 Elite Race

Mathieu Rauzier 0:31:03 @ 5km and 0:45:58 @ 7.5 km

Written By: Franck Debaecker
Editor in Chief

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