11 City race recap!

The 11 City SUP race is considered as one of the toughest races in the world, both physically and mentally challenging, demanding competitors to paddle 220km over 5 days through 11 different cities in the Netherlands. This year is the 5th 11 City race, attracting more paddlers than ever and of the highest calibre of competition, with many new names mixing up the results. Despite many paddlers returning to compete in the competition, the event did not get any easier, punished from mother natures unpredictable weather conditions, bringing strong head winds, thunderstorms and rain, testing every paddlers strength and mindset to last the distance.

Chris Parker from Supracer not only provided daily coverage of the race, but also competed in the event, getting a true feeling and understanding of just how tough and a challenge this race really is. See the full recap and report from Supracer.


This year saw 3 paddlers enter the Non-stop challenge, paddling the entire distance without stopping. Congratulations to Starboard rider Ike Franz for finishing 1st, completing the entire race in 28 hours, 29 minutes and 23 seconds. An outstanding result that is quite unbelievable for most of us to comprehend.


In the traditional 5 day race, new entrants mixed up the results, with a 4 man battle between Daniel and Bruno Hasuylo, Steve Telhotaata, and Dode Florents as well as previous and champion Bart De Zwart battled it out with Peter Bartl.

See full listing of results here.


Congratulations to Daniel and Bruno Hasyulo for an hugely impressive performance throughout the entire event, consistently being at the top and impressing everyone on and off the water. Keep an eye out for these SUPBros in the near future. Bart De Zwart narrowly missed out from the top but kept his pace to remain a respective 6th place.Also congratulations to Starboard riders Martijn Van Deth for finishing 12th as well as UK rider Crispin Jones for coming in 14th.

See photos of the event here and full race recap at SUPracer.

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