First days at Starboard’s International Headquarters

July 19, 2010 | by Benton Jones | Share

First Day on Lake Taco

When you’re young you have a lot of first days, from the first day of school to your first day on a paddle board. As I’ve gotten on in years there have been less and less first days and more and more “I do this because I love it” days.
I’ve recently been picked up by Starboard’s SUP division to report back to you on all things Starboard, Stand Up Paddling (SUP), and the latest Stand Up Paddle Board News.
I genuinely enjoy the first day of work the whole adventure of it is alluring. The energy of the room as you churn from desk to desk doing introductions is an awesome feeling. Most importantly it’s a chance to start fresh; my inbox is comfortably empty, my to do list is still a series of unfilled lines, and everything is calm.
There has been a lot of first day experiences since I got here check it out:
Congratulations are definitely in order for our 15 year old Starboard paddleboard pro Connor Baxter’s first place finish in the Mormaii 27 Mile Pialolo Express, Stand Up Paddle Board Marathon. Head over to our main site and check out the write up on his win here. Also you’ll find all the information for paddleboard results posted over at Pacific Sport Events & Timing.